A Backlink for a Helpful Commentator

I have been thinking about a contest in this blog for a long time, maybe a top commentator contest, It’s a common strategy for bloggers to increase readership and increase comments, but I don’t have that enormous traffic yet that I can start with. Maybe there’s 4 or 5 commentators but it’s not yet enough, so I was thinking maybe a backlink for those who comments in this blog. But not every commentator, of course there should be a reason for me to give them a backlink.

I have already linked out to bloggers that helped me including Alan Mater, Simon, Toan, Sire, Mitch and Lee Ka Hoong. The very reason why I linked out to them is that their comments are very informative, very helpful and fills out the things that I forgot to mention in my articles.

So simply, I will link back to those bloggers who gave help and that’s it. Even though I don’t know you yet, as long as you helped me and the other readers, you deserve a gratitude for doing that. Because you know, not every blogger does that. There are also bloggers who doesn’t help other bloggers because they are afraid to be competed which I think is not healthy as a blogger.

So what do you think? Will it increase readership and comments?

7 thoughts on “A Backlink for a Helpful Commentator

  1. I think having a contest will increase readership and comments, but at the same time it also encourages more spam comments. This can increase the time spent moderating all the comments, but I don’t think it should deter you from holding a contest.

    You’re right, traffic and readership should be there before providing a top commentator contest, which is why I haven’t yet done one myself. I’m getting there, and you will too. 🙂
    .-= Alan Mater´s last blog ..Affiliate Marketing is the New Job on the Market =-.

  2. As a contest, it will be hard to manage. Doing it the other way is admirable, but I have to ask you if your present comment links are nofollow, which I don’t believe they are. In which case, people are getting backlinks anyway.

    Still, I’m glad to be on your short list. 🙂
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Content Is An Electronic Emperor =-.

  3. Alan,

    Yes alan, I still need that enough traffic to start the contest and I hope we’ll both be successful with it.


    Yes mitch, it’s a do follow and they get a backlink even if I don’t mention them. But I still review their comments and look at their sites if it’s legitimate. For the backlinks, the quality of links that they are getting from the comment is the lowest as far as I know unless the backlink that they are getting is from the content area. (which I heard from a SEO webinar).

    Thanks for that good point Mitch.


  4. I think any kind of contest that helps you gain readers and subscribers will be worthwhile. It would be a little difficult to gauge the perceived value of a comment because you’d have to consider frequency of comments vs. quality of comments.

    It’s very admirable and you could definitely push for it; pull in new readers, get some subscribers, share with the community and gain valuable feedback.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..A Crash Course On Holding Your First Blog Contest =-.

  5. I like your idea Murlu, frequency v. quality is very important.

    Thanks for the wonderful comment.

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