How to be a Helpful Commentator

Commenting is not just leaving a simple statement saying “Hi” or “Nice article, thanks”. To tell you that’s not a comment and it’s not helping at all, you are a spammer (lol). From the word itself “Comment” – A statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief or adds information.

There are lots of ways on how to be a good commentator and earn that respect from blogs that you are commenting, and in return you might be linked by the author or mention you in one of his articles. These tips are common but in case you forgot, it’ll remind you 🙂

1.) Watch out the end part of the article, there might be a question of what type of comment the author wants – maybe a statement telling them they have potential, or grammar, and or maybe advices.

2.) Do not criticize the writer if you found faulty statements or grammars, instead, give them advices and tips on how to correct and make it right to perfection :). Give suggestion that you think might help the writer improve the writing skill.

3.) Suggest links of references that can help them or can give both additional and new information for his article. And make sure to be relevant as I always say.

4.) Don’t be too boastful because you once suck too, we all sucked too. Do not think that your comment is needed by that blogger unless the writers asked you to, there are more than perfect commentators out there and you better watch out or else you’ll get bombed.

Comments are very important in this kind of business, criticisms are the most source of perfected mistakes but it doesn’t have to be rude sometimes being polite gives more help.

Anything to add? please feel free to comment and give me more suggestions and advices.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

8 thoughts on “How to be a Helpful Commentator

  1. I wish all spammer read this article. Yesterday I saw a blogger just drop 5 comment at once, I think he love my site and show a over joy but unfortunately I publish only 1 comment because I hate spam. Nice tips friend.

  2. Why is it not okay to critize the writer? Do you mean critisize the writer or what they are saying? What if I strongly disagree with something they are something? You don’t recommend expressing one’s disapproval? That seems dishonest and fake, no? Isn’t the whole point of blogging to engage in real conversations and discuss how we really feel about issues/topics? Your advice seems a bit strange to me.
    .-= [email protected] on Sale´s last blog ..Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires =-.

  3. >>Hi Alan,

    I even have a new problem now, spammers has a new way of commenting and it looks real. And even the real comments, I doubt them sometimes because of the name that they are using.

    Thanks for commenting Alan.

    >>Hi Arafat,

    I dropped a lot of comments recently too, I noticed their sites are mostly link farms and false claim sites.
    It’s ok to have 1 comment than a hundred but all spam. Thanks Arafat.


    >>Hi Chris,

    Im sorry I forgot to elaborate more about what I said with regards to criticizing. What I meant about that is the grammar (just like I do), don’t be too negative when approaching. And if you don’t disagree with what the blogger said, you can approach in a nice and polite way, point out things that you disagree and discuss about it so you don’t get them fired up and pissed off because there are bloggers that gets irritated easily.

    Welcome to my blog Chris, and thanks for commenting.

  4. Hey JP,

    I have the same problem. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s real or spam. One way I choose is, if it’s just a general comment about my blog and nothing specific about the post, it goes to the spam folder. That may not be the best way to do things, but it ensures that I only have quality comments on my blog.

    Too often I see the same type of comments on other people’s blogs that are just general comments, and it’s a complete turn-off for me as a visitor. I don’t want the same thing thought about my blog.
    .-= Alan Mater´s last blog ..Affiliate Marketing is the New Job on the Market =-.

  5. @Alan Mater .. Good call on the quality comments but unfortunately, many bloggers think that more comments “even if they are general” is better for search engines since they would be considered as more content and they forget about the visitors who should be their main concern not the engines. Also, good point on how you look at any blog based on the approved comments. Quality bloggers write quality content and therefore, only approve quality comments.

  6. I especially try to provide informative comments which bring value to readers. A comment should also try to increase the knowledge. So, here is my contribution:

    If a blog post is spammed, blog owner can check it spam on Akismet plugin. Akismet holds a database and if a website URL is spammed a lot for backlinks with automated spam, it is possible that new comments will go to spam folder directly.

    So, being a nice commentator and putting efforts to write a helpful comment is always recommended.

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