How to Get a Good Sleep According to Experts

If you have allergies;
According to Dr. Jacqueline Eghrari-Sabet, an allergist, If you are allergic to some substance that some pillows are made of, you just have to get a dust-mite-proof pillow case and mattress. You don’t really have to buy those hypoallergenic pillows, it only means that the pillow is made out of materials that you cannot be allergic to. They can’t be that much worth it to purchase at all.

According to James Sublett, you should not use a humidifier if are allergic to mould. Increased humidity just elevates the growth of mites and mould. It can get you more congested that you can’t breathe properly, that makes you wake up sometimes in your sleep. And you might be better off with a feather pillow since they are usually encased with a fabric woven tightly that keeps dust mites out. Pillows made out of foam just exacerbate the allergies because of the moisture content of the foam.

If you are taking pills before sleeping;
Jan Engle, a pharmacist, suggests lowering the intake of bedtime pain relievers. Sometimes it contains caffeine and taking two pills is just like having a whole cup of coffee.

According to Eric Alvarez, a pharmacist, a saline spray or wash might help you in your sleep instead of having nasal or oral decongestant to breathe better. These decongestants can rev up your heart rate that makes it hard to sleep at night.
Get a Good Sleep
Sleep in low body temperature
According to Robert Oexman, it is easier to sleep in a lower body temperature, and to lower the body temperature, take a hot bath 30 minutes before going to sleep. The hot bath increases skin temperature, which also decreases the body temperature eventually. He also recommends sleeping in a room with a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius.

Tv and Computers at night
According to Colin Grey, the cool white and blue light the a computer emits stimulate brain into some activities that makes it harder to sleep. He suggests downloading a software that changes the color scheme of your monitor at sundown at It automatically shifts the hues, it’s a great software!

According to Tara Brass, watching TV before sleeping might just disturbed your brain. It emits light that alerts the brain making it hard to shut down when you have to go to sleep. You could use a book instead.

If you are angry;
According to Jeffrey Sumber, a Psychotherapist, you cannot sleep well if you are angry, might sometimes be impossible. But if you are sleeping with your partner in a single bed and you are not in good terms, just sleep in the couch, cool off your heads and talk about it the next day.

Let pets sleep so they won’t disturb you
According to Tracey Schowalter, a pet-training consultant, you could use a white noise for your dog. They are very sensitive when it comes to noises outside, like other dogs barking late at night because their owners came home late. Even a fan will help lowering down the noise that keeps your pet active.

According to Kathy Diamond Davis, author and dog handler, dogs usually fall asleep when they are bored so if you keep them busy and active during the day, they might shut down more likely during the night.

You could use your partner’s odor
According to Dr. Pamela Dalton, a sensory psychologist, even relaxing scents like lavender can make you even more alert. There is an even more relaxing scent that’ll make you comfortable, it’s just right under your partner’s undershirt.

Just the right equipments
According to Dr. Karen Erickson, a chiropractor, sleeping with two pillows on top of each other for some medical reason is not good at all; it strains your neck and back. Get a wedge instead and put your pillow on it.

According to Kim Kleman, Consumer Reports editor-in-chief, you should get rid of your eight to ten-year old mattress and get a new, better one. Majority of the people that they surveyed claims they are more comfortable with the new mattresses.

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  1. Rest is food for the mind. Overnight, important body features and mind action happen. Missing sleep can be dangerous — even dangerous, particularly if you are behind the rim. You can look bad, you may experience irritable, and you execute badly.

  2. According to Jeffrey Sumber, a Psychotherapist, you cannot rest well if you are upset, might sometimes be difficult. But if you are getting to sleep with your associate in just one bed and you are not in excellent conditions, just rest in the sofa, awesome off your leads and discuss it the next day.

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