How to Make Money With an Authority Website the Google Way?

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They say in real estate its all about the location when buying or selling a home. The same rules applies in the online digital world. The best location is of course on page 1. Are you tired of the lip service from the so called experts? Do you want straight talk on how to rank your website?

My article will focus on keyword selection, domain names, niche marketing strategies and why it makes all the difference, some tools to use to leverage your productivity and the most important part – building back links to rank. OK, maybe you were thinking I was going to reveal some far out wild methods to ranking? Nope, its really understanding, and I mean understanding the basics, that will ultimately allow you to achieve success.

What does Google want?

Google wants to see the most relevant information on page 1. Their advertisers and customers want the best information showing up for them. Nobody wants to look through 10 pages of internet search results. It’s like real estate. The people with the best views and location, get the most for their homes. Why should it be any different online? The simple answer, its not and those on page 1 get the best results or should I say, make the most money.

Authority Sites Defined

The ultimate authority sites are those typically found on page 1. Now, there are a couple of different types of authority sites that I need to go over. Big mega sites will normally have dozens or even hundreds of pages of content on their sites. Whereas, niche sites typically have 5 or 10 pages of content that is laser targeted on some long tail keywords. The reality is, I have seem a number of niche sites dominate page 1 of the search engines. Its just a matter of deciding on how you want to build and develop your authority site.

Keywords – The Foundation to Making Money

This is where your bread and butter is guys. Get this part wrong, you will be working for the man for the next 30 or 40 years. Seriously, keyword research is the foundation to making money online. Too often, people just gloss over this part and go right away for the most competitive terms like, home based business or travel. Do yourself a favor and don’t worry right now about the big keywords. You need to be going after long tail keywords first and foremost. I am not saying you should never, but there’s a lot of low lying fruit (keywords) to pick up right now, that will allow you to rank more quickly, rather than waiting 1 or 2 years.

Niche Marketing Approaches – The Next Generation

In my view, its best to focus on niche markets for long tail keywords with very low competition. You can start your search here, Google’s keyword tool. Start at your main keyword and then drill down until you find a long tail key phrase that you like. This next part is where many will miss a huge opportunity. You want to keep drilling down further, by taking this long tail phrase and entering that in G’s keyword search field. That gives you the bottom end of your search results. Then its a matter of looking over the monthly results and determining how far up the keyword results you should go. In other words, you are working from the bottom up.

My suggestion is approximately 1k to 10k in searches per month. This is just an estimation. You will ultimately have to test it out and see what’s best for you. That may not be a lot of searches, but the goal here is to get some low terms ranking on page 1 and working your way up. After awhile, your site starts to gain trust rank with Google and the other search engines. Its the equivalent of building a home. You need a strong foundation first, before you build the actual house.

Additionally, when picking keywords, you need to check the organic results on Google, to see how much competition there actually is. To get the actual results, you can place quotes around your keyword phrase. You want to actually see both results. Your search term with and without quotes around it. What I am looking at this point, is to try and find articles on page 1 for the results. That gives me a good indicator that I should be able to rank for that keyword of choice in a shorter period of time. It also depends on how many back links, but I will discuss that further down in the article.

The Significance of Choosing the Right Domain Name

I will be brief here and to the point. It is a better option when possible, to try and get your domain name with your keyword phrase in it. You don’t have to and there are plenty of websites ranking on page 1 without their keyword phrase in the domain. For low competitive terms, by having your keyword in the domain, you might actually rank more quickly. It’s one more SEO tip to give you that extra little push from an SEO perspective. If a domain name is not available, try putting the word “about” or dashes in between your name of choice. I have picked up great domain names by adding this little technique.

If you have some funds available, you can always try buying aged domains from a domain registration company. Aged domains are a big deal and they will typically rank more quickly, than new sites because there is trust already established by the fact, the website is a couple of years old or more.

The Critical Component – Building Back Links

Ranking your website is about having back links. If anyone tells you otherwise, they don’t know what they are talking about. One way links are the back bone to rank well in the SERP’s. Backlinks will be a combination of external and internal. You might be thinking, why am I mentioning internal links? Its because you need a proper optimized website for the search engines. It means linking some of your internal web pages to other pages in your site. For example, to pass some link juice from your articles, link them back to your home page. Now, don’t go over board and link all of them to the home page. But a few links here and there can help you.

Of course, the bulk need to be coming from outside of your website. That means, you will want to have as many external links pointing back toward your web site. How many links should you have? I can’t say because it depends on the competition. Keep getting back links until you get page 1. When you submit articles and point your links back to your website, make sure you are pointing back to internal pages and articles within your site. In fact, I would suggest about 80% of your linking should go towards internal pages. 20% can point to the home page.

Not all back links are created equal. You will see people submitting articles to all kinds of different directories that have little weight with the search engines. Take some time and look for the right type to post your content to. The bottom line to ranking, the more high quality back-links you’ve get, the higher in the SERP’s that you’ll go.

Back Links – How and Where to Get Them

To get one-way links, well at least quality ones, you’ll need to write a variety of content and submit to the top 10 or 20 article directories. Google the term, “top article directories” and you will get lots of choices. Make sure they are “dofollow” as well. Many people are caught off guard when they find out some of their favorite places are in fact nofollow. That means Google won’t follow your link and you get zip link juice. I don’t waste my time with places like that. There are hundreds of high quality places to post content to.

Some people ask me, what are the best places to submit your information to? I will always submit my content to places like Idea Marketers, Goarticles and of course my favorite, Ezine Articles. Once I’ve submitted between 5 to 10 articles at each place, I move to other top tier directories by doing a Google search.

I have found that there is a law of diminishing returns. Google and the other search engines will only give so much SEO link juice credit. Other popular ways to get some additional back links is by making comments at forums and Blogs. I have found most of those links over time will disappear because its too easy to game the system using software to submit comments. I am not saying there is no value, but if you make comments at other people’s websites, please add value to the conversation and not something like, “hey great information.” I always delete those comments because its just spam to me.

One good strategy that most people miss out on, but is highly effective, is to do guest posting at other high ranking websites. Many website owners are opening up their websites because its a win-win situation.

Silo Structures and LSI – Advanced Linking Methods

If you want to get more advanced into link structures, you can look up the term Silo Structured Website on Google and see how you can structure your website for even more link juice power. Most people are not familiar with this term, but its been around for awhile. Keep in mind, if you are following a silo structure, you need to include LSI (latent semantic indexing) as well for best results. Basically it means that for your keyword term, there will be related terms in your keyword category. You don’t have to follow this methodology and can keep it simple and still do very well in the search engine ranking game.

How to Get More SEO Juice from Each Article

The reality today, its become a very competitive market place to rank on page 1. The problem for many people is first, just trying to write good quality content and second, trying to find the time to re-write that content to place at other article directories. If you want to leverage your time more effectively and reduce your workload, then you may want to check out article spinners.

Well, that wraps up this monster post of mine today. I hope you have a better understanding of what it requires to develop an authority site. Your place to begin is good keyword research and analysis, drilling down to find those niche markets with little competition, choosing a domain name, and the significance of creating one-way links. At the end of the day, it really comes down to putting in the work.

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  1. Man, that’s a lot of material for a new person to absorb; glad I’m not a new person. The main thing for everyone to know is that doing this stuff will take a lot of time, which is why there are companies out there that offer to help with this kind of service, and why they charge what they do for monthly service as well. But it can also be a lot of fun. Nicely written.
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  2. Congrats on the guest post, JP. Darrell did a great job with it, and he outlines the information well. He shared some very good advice that I think a lot of newbies overlook when first getting started. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s necessary if you want to succeed online.
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  3. I don’t know if I would use an Article Spinner – usually they only produce content that is unique in search engines eyes, but look retarded to a real user.

    This was a very thorough post however – great job on the content. I’ve bookmarked this for later.

    Guest posting is an excellent idea – It is free content for them that usually adds a unique perspective to their topic of choice!
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  4. everyone wishes they knew just how google’s algorithm works, but no one will ever be able to truly peg that. you do however give great advise as to how to keep google happy and do it the right way so you don’t end up in trouble and get slammed in the page ranks.

  5. This is a great post to make your site more authoritative, building back links and having good content is key to ranking well in Google.

  6. Choosing right keywords and domain name helps a lot in getting best results. Other strategies like content posting and Guest Posting are also effective by building more backlinks. This post is really beneficial for the people to get better results and gives better understanding on how google algorithm works.

  7. I most certenly liked this angle that you have on the subject. I wasnt planning on this at the time I started searching for tips. Your ideas were totally simple to get. Happy to find out that there’s an individual online that gets it on the spot what its is talking about.

  8. It is proven time and again that information’s reliability is not the key factor which affects article promotion success. Rather, the degree at which you manage to transmit content as swiftly as possible. And I’m not referring to article syndication, but to the fluency of your writing.

  9. The methods that I discuss are for Google. Now some of you might be wondering about Bing, Yahoo etc. Well, since Google is the king of search engines and where most of the organic searching is done…………..

  10. Maybe you were considering I was going to expose some far out outrageous techniques to ranking? Terrible, its really knowing, and I mean knowing the fundamentals, that will eventually allow you to succeed.

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