Howard Gets so Furious at Team’s Loss

Tim HowardTim Howard created the long walk from the United States locker room to the departing team bus Saturday, furious over his team’s CONCACAF Gold Cup final loss to Mexico and their second rate status on territory.

Once Mexico had recuperated from falling two goals behind early on to claim a 4-2 success, wild celebrations broke out at the Rose Bowl Stadium that reiterated the emotion of Americans that they were visitors in their individual home.

A seething Howard informed reporters, “I think it was a… disgrace that the entire post match ceremony was in Spanish.  You bet your ass, if we were in Mexico City the ceremony would not be all in English.  CONCACAF should be ashamed of themselves.”

The U.S. was absorbed by the sea of green and red worn by some of the Mexican followers that created up the avid mass of 93,420.

However, the Americans did not lose the competition because of crowd support, they lost it because Mexico showed to be the good, more energetic side for the next Gold cup final in a line.

The U.S. will remove a few positives from the tournament, counting the persisted series in Bob Bradley’s latest ownership oriented hub.

The Americans verified what they previously identified before being revealed by Mexico — there is so many works to be performed to near the gap.

Landon Donovan, U.S. attacker said, “We have to take it up another level.  In these games we want to even things out a little more and not have them (Mexico) have the possession the whole time.”

“They showed that they’re the team to beat right now. We have to go catch them.”

The U.S. led five-time world champion Brazil 2-0 just to lose 3-2 loss after faltering late on.

This moment the Americans took before halftime with Pablo Barrera, Giovani Dos Santos and the remainder of the Mexican attackers getting over the competition in the second half.

Steve Cherundolo, U.S defender, who experienced an ankle injury in the 11th minute and was replaced said, “We’re most disappointed that we went up 2-0 and ended up losing. It’s a tough night for us.”

Cherundolo was substituted fought to deal with the speed of the Mexican assault.

Bornstein said, “They have a lot of skilled attackers but I thought we did well for the most part.  We could have done better as a team defense.”

He added, “It’s beyond me how they rallied back, because we hit them (early).  It all hurts when you get your butt kicked. And that’s what happened today.”

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  1. Of course, given the precarious and uncertain nature of Dwight’s future in Orlando, his frustration grows to become a larger issue each time he opens his mouth.Thanks

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