Howto: Make People Click, Practical Tips


One of the best ways to earn extra income is by getting clicks on our ads and convincing people to click on ads is not a very easy thing. Ask them nicely, approach them in a way that would push them to click in every banner or whatever advertisements you have on your blog. In this article, let’s discuss these practical tips that would help each and everyone of us to earn more from our visitors’ clicks on every ad.

  • You can make a funny statement that would build interest for them to click, like “Don’t click this if you think you are smart” (lol), or whatever you can think of just to persuade them but make sure you don’t annoy your readers and visitors or else they might head out.
  • Attractive and presentable banners pull people’s attention. And sometimes the use of words can trigger their curiousity to click on ads, words like powerful, ultimate, etc.
  • Freebies and discounts. Who would ever turn heads away from free stuff? you can offer discounts or whatever gimick like buy-one-take-one or so. Good deals like this will surely attract people.
  • Reviews or testimonials has very big impact on visitors and readers. This will show proof that they won’t waste even a single second if they click on your ad.
  • You can also use popular icons to represent your ads. People might click on them since your ad is represented with a popular person or thing.
  • Use guarantee. Offer people lifetime guarantee and use it  as your headline. Strong guarantees like double-your-money-back or so has also a big impact for your audience.
  • Tell them to click your ads. This is to make your ad more noticeable. Newbies around the internet doesn’t know about this so there is a big possibility that they might click on the ads.
  • Teasers do work. Teasers leave peoples’ curiousity hanging, this will lure them to click on ads.

Thanks to Alan Mater who has been teaching me this stuff.

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