Improve a Blog with a Simple Structure

If your blog doesn’t have the best design and content, or maybe the right professionalism and setup, don’t worry, rather concentrate on the structure and show visitors and readers their value. That should be your priority and don’t forget that there are few of things that should be considered and let’s discuss about this.

Now, let’s focus on how we should design your blog. It doesn’t need to be complicated, stuffed with few flash designs and .gif images to attract readers, rather keeping it simple AND attractive will help improve our blog. The most important part of a blog is the content, design comes next.

  • Some of the succesful bloggers I know like Daniel Scocco has a very simple blog design. I really like how he arrange everything from the links on the side to the banners. On the first look you can concentrate rightaway on the content because sidebars doesn’t steal your attention. Having a complicated design affects readership, the more complicated your design the more long it takes to fully load up, and there are some who hates waiting specially for those who have slow internet connections (you also have to consider them).
  • Images helps to improve blog. I mentioned this on my other articles, there are readers who seek more details and information to get more familiarized with what you are pointing to. Therefore, images will help them, also makes your article interesting and look professional.
  • Reader Friendly. I say typography comes next with the structure. Make sure everybody can read every single letter of your blog. From the content to the sidebar links, and the navigation buttons. Choose the ideal font size, face, color (black is highly suggested) that will adapt to your design.
  • Make sure everything is organized, arranged, and aligned. If your sidebars are not properly aligned and arranged, banners are cluttered and can be found anywhere even on the content, this will surely annoy and scare visitors away.

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