Jacory Harris and Other Miami Players, Disqualified for NCAA Violations

Jacory+HarrisMiami’s internal investigation has determined that some football players, as well as Jacory Harris, are considered to have committed NCAA infringements by connecting with Nevin Shapiro, and those players have been confirmed disqualified, a person with knowledge of the process said.

The person spoke on situation of mystery.  The person did not reveal how many current players have been linked to Shapiro, a convicted Ponzi system architect who is serving a 20-year prison sentence for bilking $930 million from investors.

The declaration of disqualification does not automatically denote Harris or some other player would miss games.

On the other hand, one eyewitness says she saw LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson kick somebody in the face during a bar fight that injured four people last week, the police report released Thursday.

Two workers of the bar gave a different edition of the battle, persisted one the victim “threw the first punch.”

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