Japan’s World Cup Women Reacts about Mistaken Twitter Post

norio-sasakiJapan’s World Cup-winning women’s soccer team coach apologized on Friday after unsuitable comments one of his players made about him were published on the social networking site Twitter.

Norio Sasaki got accountability after Saki Kumagai, who achieved the winning penalty in a shootout to shock the United States at final in Frankfurt on Sunday, in fact criticized the coach during a night out.

Sasaki informed Japanese media, “It’s because of my lack of supervision.  I deeply apologize to everyone who has been so supportive of ‘Nadeshiko’ Japan (the women’s team).”

The comments of Kumagai concerning Sasaki and the team pecking order were made public, while the player, who has made an apology on her own Twitter page, has been dragged from all scheduled television appearances in the wake of the gaffe.

Kyodo News agency of Japan reported Kumagai as well supposedly showed racy photos of groupteam mate Karina Maruyama while at dinner with college friends.

Kuniya Daini, Japan Football Association (JFA) vice president informed the Sankei Sports, “I understand she has been holed up in hotel for a long time.”

“But I will instruct those in charge at the clubs (the players belong to) not to allow such frivolous behavior to continue.”

Japan’s “Nadeshiko”, named after a frilly pink carnation representing beauty and stoicism, astonished the world with their surprising run to the title in Germany.

Their outstanding success, first soccer of Asia world title at some level, was sleeted as a beacon of expectation for the victims of deadly earthquake of Japan and tsunami in March.

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