Jay Bruce Hits 12th Homer of the Month

For good motive, Jay Bruce is calling them as ‘Mr. May’ in Cincinnati.

Jay Bruce is 24 years old, a Reds outfielder and had a wonderful month, bringing the Reds offense.  7-3 victory in Cincinnati over the Milwaukee Brewers, Bruce was 3 – 4 with a home run and three RBIs, falling a twice short of the series.

Bruce has a profession OPS of .814 or .901 this period, however has been prone to pursuing bad pitches throughout his four year profession.  According to the man himself, as informed to the Cincinnati Enquirer: Although not so much this season.

Bruce said, “I’ve been making better decisions, which is one of the big things.  It’s cliché and all that, but it’s the truth. Swing at pitches you want to swing at and don’t swing at the pitches they’re trying to get you to chase, and you’re going to have a lot easier time up there.”

Jay BruceA rapid trip over to Fangraphs exposes that Bruce is swinging at 29.1% of pitches out of the zone, only 0.2% below his 2010 level, but that he is swinging at, and crushing, pitches that he desires, whether they are in the zone or not. Agreement rate of Bruce on pitches outside the zone is 61.6 percent, up from 53.2% for his profession, and his in general agreement rate is 76.2% compared to 74.1%.

Dusty Baker, Reds manager informed the Enquirer, “It just shows his potential, what he can do.  His concentration is great, his balance is excellent and he’s keeping his head still. It’s really nice to see him swinging great”.

photo credit: cincycoolness.com

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