Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

Friday, Jessie Eisenberg was chosen by the Warner Bros to be the next villain in the Superman sequel. He will be the “Lex Luthor” in the second part of the reboot movie “Man of Steel”.

The movie grossed 668 million dollars when it released.

Jessie Eisenberg has been a good actor in many great movies and acted as main characters in some the movies such as The Social Network in which he played the role of Mark Zuckerberg.

Though some of the sources are saying that the role of Eisenberg is yet to be confirmed, it is quite obvious and already widely assumed by the people who are familiar in the production.

Eisenberg, best known for his funny roles in the movie Adventureland, Zombieland, and the serious movie The Social Network, faces a new challenge being in the action and quite serious role as the next villain or Lex Luthor in the next Man of Steel movie.

Do you think Jessie Eisenberg will be the perfect character in the next Man of Steel?

Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

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