Jon Lester Gets Left Lat Injury

Jon Lester Gets Left Lat InjuryJon Lester, Red Sox starter, strained his left lat muscle Tuesday night, although says he is confident he would not have to miss over one start.

The Red Sox could not afford to have one more starter go down, specially Lester, who 10-4 with a 3.31 ERA this season.

Lester, who left after pitching our hitless innings in the Red Sox’s 3-2 victory over Toronto at Fenway Park, said, “I’m not concerned.  I should be fine. I don’t think it’s a long-term issue.”

Lester will experience widespread examinations that will expose how long he will be out.  Lester said his whole left lat muscle was sore throughout the whole fourth inning.

Lester said, “I never would have come out of the game if it wasn’t significant. There was no point going out there and pushing it now.”

The Red Sox lived through the early departure of Lester by yiealding just two hits until the eighth inning.  The Blue Jays scored two runs in the ninth of two-run homer of Jose Bautista, and won when Darnel McDonald, left fielder threw out Edwin Encarnacion at the plate.

McDonald said, “I just grabbed it, and tried to throw a four-seam fastball to [catcher] Jason [Varitek].”

Varitek blocked the plate and tagged out Encarnacion, even though John Farrell, Blue Jays manager persisted he missed the tag.

Francona says, “I think Tek deserves a save.  He’s as good as that as there is in the game.”

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