Jose Reyes Will Be Back in the New York Mets Line-up

jose reyes back in metsThe team announced that Jose Reyes, the electrifying shortstop, is set to be out of the disabled list and go back to the New York Mets line-up.

He felt no lingering effects from an injured hamstring which he suffered on July 2 after trying himself throughout a rehab period in the minor leagues.

Reyes is expected to go back to the Mets with 48 against 28 line-up versus the St. Louis Cardinals.

Reyes informed the, the website of the team, “I’m going to play tomorrow in the big leagues, so that’s the only difference. But it’s still baseball.”

“You have to run to first base, you have to run to second. It’s the same game.”

He guides the Major Leagues with .354 batting average and ranks second with 124 strikes and 30 steals.

Set to turn into a free agent at the last of the season, Reyes has been one of the few bright spots for a Mets team that are fighting to stay out of last place in the National League East.

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