Kentucky Storm Destroys Racetrack and Electricity Powers

Churchill Downs racetrackAn influential storm that slashed through the Louisville, Kentucky, location left thousands of people without power and forced the ending of the globally well-known Churchill Downs racetrack on Thursday.

Damage from the Wednesday night storm, which as well struck the University of Louisville campus, probably effected from the tornado.  On the other hand, weather service meteorologist Ryan Sharp said that cannot be verified until a storm investigation is finished later Thursday.

The Louisville television station reported that storm as well produced flash floods that left two motorists stranded in their cars along with the increasing waters.

According to Louisville-Jefferson Country emergency officials, around 8,500 consumers lost electricity.  In a ready report released Thursday, Churchill Downs pronounced that the horse track would be closed the entire day for racing and training for the reason of the damage left after by the storm.

On the other hand, the training facility of the track, Trackside Louisville, was not damaged and will stay open, according to the statement.

It had made contact with the Red Cross concerning result provisional protection for 100 stable-location workers whose living quarter “were damaged or compromised by the strong winds.”

The statement read, “Nine barns suffered significant damage as a result of the storm, which reportedly produced tornadoes in the metro Louisville area.”

Darren Rogers, Churchill Downs spokesman said no one was injured, consisting some of the 1,400 horses secured at the facility.

On the other hand, track officials were ready to reposition as many as 150 horses.  The horses might require being transfer because of the opportunity that the storm had left nails on the grounds which can harm the animals.

The spokesperson for the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management, Buddy Rogers said his agency had not obtained rumors of injuries at the racetrack or somewhere else.

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  2. Vans were being brought in to move horses out of downpours that fell into the night and from the barns. At least one barn was flooded by a water main break and horses were being moved to a safe area.Thanks

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