Do you Like to Exchange Links?

Getting a position on Search Engine Result Pages is getting more and more difficult and every blogger does everything to maintain and get better results. This is why having more good quality backlinks help us get more PR and having high PR results to better SERP’s position.

As part of my Search Engine Optimization, I have been negotiating friends and bloggers to exchange links. So far this is my best way of getting good quality backlinks, of course commenting to other blogs too. But I am not exchanging links with anyone, sorry but I have to restrict and apply conditions as I also look at the quality of the links coming in to my blog.

So if you want to exchange links please contact me and we can talk about it. Here are the conditions:

  • PageRank – equal to my PR and higher.
  • Relevance – of course I also want to be relevant, but if it’s not relevant to my blog as long as it’s legitimate and not a spam site it’s ok, we can talk about it. (look at my friends list)

So, do you like to exchange links?

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

8 thoughts on “Do you Like to Exchange Links?

  1. Hey JP,

    Yes, exchanging links with other related sites is a great way to build links and authority. I don’t do too much exchanging these days, but if a good opportunity arises, I grab it. For the most part I wait until others want to link to me, instead of me searching out potential link partners. It saves me time and let’s me know that people actually come to my site and are interested enough to want to link to me. 🙂

    As you mentioned I’m also very picky with whom I link to and have linking to me when doing an exchange.
    .-= Alan Mater´s last blog ..Are You Finding It Difficult To Make Money From Work From Home Opportunities? =-.

  2. >> Hey Ram,

    Welcome to my blog. Anyways, blogroll is important as this is also a source of important reads. And If you think you’ll leak the PR out don’t worry, it won’t happen. As long as you stay relevant with your links your good.

    >> Hi Alan,

    I agree Alan, that’s a good point too. If somebody wants to exchange links, you’ll know somebody is around your blog reading your updates. And yes, better be picky or else you’ll get the slap from Google (lol).

    Thanks Alan.

  3. Hi Sushant,

    Why don’t you try to ask maybe you’ll get a high quality link coming in to you 🙂

    Thanks Sushant.

  4. Please do not exchange links with irrelevant web sites. Make sure that you are doing link exchange with the web sites that they are almost same type of business.

  5. WordPress is up and rnnuing on my host — but it completely mismatches my site’s existing theme/CSS. How hard would it be to modify/write a new theme to make it fit in? Is there an easier way to do this?.

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