Link Juice Distribution Through HTML Sitemap

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I receive this newsletter from DBT or Daily Blogging Tips, he discussed how important this HTML sitemap is to your blog and let me share it to you here.

The importance of sitemap and how useful it is:

First, human visitors can navigate easily on your blog and lets them find topics faster based on their interest if they are not using the search bar.

Second, HTML sitemaps is a good way to distribute link juice and Pagerank among the pages of your site.

Of course you want all your pages to link on your sitemap as well as the sitemap links to all of your pages, to accomplish this you have to put a link to the sitemap from all of your pages whether in the navigation menu bar or the footer.

Interesting thing about HTML sitemap:
External backlinks toward your sitemap is very good in Search Engine Optimization, why? Because the link juice will distribute directly to all of your pages. If you have a backlink pointing towards a page on your site it will need to through at least one hop before it passes link juice to other pages. On the other hand, backlink pointing directly to the sitemap will distribute directly the link juice. (

So if you comment or do a guest post on other blogs, consider putting a link to your Sitemap instead of pointing it to your homepage, but it still depends on you.

So if you want a clean sitemap like the one I have, try searching “SRG Clean Archives” in google, download and install. It’s easy to setup, you don’t have to go through the CSS codes or whatever.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

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