Linking Out Won’t Reduce Your Pagerank

As a beginner, I never thought of the issues running around concerning outbound links. Some bloggers say it’s bad to link out because it reduces your google pagerank, Daniel Scocco from Daily Blog Tips illustrates this like the picture shown below


Now, about this issue I read an article last night from DBT (Daily Blogging Tips by Daniel Scocco) and it was really great. He explained the truth behind linking out has no negative effect on blogs and not leaking out your Google Pagerank.

He explained it like this:
A Pagerank of a page is only affected by the quality of the links coming in and not by the outgoing ones. If you link to a thousand of sites whether good or bad, it might get flagged as spam and will not be indexed, but it has nothing to do with the Pagerank, it will remain intact.

You can read some of his explanations here.(

What gave the interest and made me believe about this linking out stuff won’t affect PR’s is that he said there are plenty of pages out there having dozens of links and yet they still rank at the top position of the Google’s search engine result pages for competitive keywords.

So if you ever feared of linking out would leak your PageRank then forget about that.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

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