Long-term Keywords and Short-Term Keywords

Choosing the right keyword for a blog is one of the most crucial part. Keywords target audience and in order to get more traffic we should use the keyword that people are going to search in the search engines, or in other words a shortcut of invitation to our blog.

Now, lets focus on these two types of keywords. Either of these keywords are good to use if you handle them right and you have the priority for each.

Long-term Keywords

“Long-term” – from the word itself, this type of keyword can be used for a long time, to the extent that they don’t expire. Keywords like this is popular in business websites or marketing as it focuses on one subject.

Let’s say “make money online” or “work from home”, this kind of keywords never gets popular for a day only, it’s an ever growing popular keyword that is running the internet today and in the future. And as it grows even more popular day by day, traffic of blogs with this focus increases gradually.

Short-term Keywords

“Short-term” – as it implies, this keywords only gets popular for a short period of time, and it only gets popular of you have the priority depending on how long Google indexes your new updates. Most blogs and websites that use short-term keywords are entertainment and personal.

Example: A popular singer and celebrity has a new concert, you used the keyword “xxx concert live”, during the period of time before the concert begins this keyword will take it’s spot on the search engine result pages but when the concert ends, the hotness of this keyword also declines because the trend of focus has gone.

So, do you have something to add up or maybe correct me if I’m wrong? Everything is appreciated, just put a comment below 🙂

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more.

4 thoughts on “Long-term Keywords and Short-Term Keywords

  1. That’s a nice longtail keyword Ram, very particular and possible to target large number of visitors. Anyways, that’s nice to hear Ramkumar…I’ll check that out.

    Thanks for commenting.

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