LSU Conducts Probation After NCAA Received Sanctions

LSU-NCAA-ViolationsLSU has begun a one-year trial period after the NCAA received the self-imposed sanctions of the school on its football program.

The sanctions came after an internal investigation by LSU exposed breaches of NCAA rules in a case that centered on the employment of a junior college player in the summer of 2009.

The NCAA believed the infringements, which included impermissible carrying and lodging, major. However, in a statement released, it noted the careful actions of LSU’s compliance department as a reason for the one-year probation period which runs until July 18, 2012.

The NCAA wrote in its statement that, “The committee lauds the institution’s compliance office for its efforts to investigate and uncover the violations.”

Aside from the probation, the NCAA openly reprimanded LSU and acknowledged a host of self-imposed penalties.  Penalties comprise recruiting limitations, scholarship decreases, telephone contract restrictions, and a one-year show-cause order for a former assistant coach that limits his athletics-connected responsibilities.

Joe Alleva, LSU athletics director, said, “This is a fair outcome and we are pleased that the NCAA chose to accept our self-imposed sanctions, even giving LSU a reduced penalty of only one year of probation because of the admirable work of our compliance staff. It is extremely rare that a university would be given less than two years probation in a situation like this.”

Violations happened when a former assistant coach arranged for, or gave transportation for the prospect. He as well made impermissible phone calls to the prospect and NCAA stated that “either knew of or should have known of impermissible lodging arrangements” provided to the prospect.  According to the report of NCAA, his actions comprised unethical behavior.

The prospect never played a game at LSU and the coach concerned in the improper courting stepped down later that year.

The case discovered some violations happened when three non-coaching members of the athletics administration made or received over 3,600 phone calls to or from high school coaches and administrators, prospects, and family members of prospects.

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