Lytle Finishes Career with an Excitement Remark

chrislytle1x-largeWelterweight fighter Chris “Lights Out” Lytle finished his career with the kind of action that kept him in the Ultimate Fighting Championship long enough to record 20 bouts in the group.

Lytle submitted Dan Hardy with a guillotine choke in the third round of their main-event battle at UFC Live 5 on Sunday in Milwaukee. The officers for UFC provided Lytle and Hardy bonuses of $65,000 each for the organization’s Fight of the Night award.  Lytle as well was given a $65,000 bonus for Submission of the Night.

That brings Lytle’s total of UFC fight-night awards to 10, over somebody else in UFC.  Lytle was tied with middleweight champion Anderson Silva with eight before Sunday.

On Saturday, Lytle announced that it would be the final fight of his 13-year career.  At the official weigh-ins the previous day of the events, Lytle forced Hardy to “make it a good one.”

According to Compustrike, Hardy, a fighter by inclination, urged by trading punches with Lytle for most of the fight, Lytle landed 179 of 267 strikes thrown. Hardy linked on 94 of 248.  Lytle landed 90 power strikes, contrasted to 64 for Hardy.

Lytle said, “It was a dream fight for me.  I knew he was going to come and just want to stand and bang. He was more aggressive than I’m used to seeing. He was coming forward the whole time. It was awesome.”

Every man rocked the other at moments during their bout.  Lytle after the fight had a number of bruises on his face, including large bump above his right eyebrow.

Yet the fight finished on a fighting note.  When Hardy shot forward for a record at the bout entered its final minute, Lytle immediately cinched in a guillotine choke and rolled into full mount on top.

Even though Hardy experienced his fourth successive loss, the defeat did not effect in his release from the endorsement, Lorenzo Fertitta, UFC co-owner posted on Twitter.

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