Messi Claims Barca is the ‘Better Team’

Lionel Messie played down his involvement to Champions League final victory of Barcelona on Saturday, alleging his man-of-the-match presentation was roughly immaterial as he and his group mates confirmed they “were the better team.”

Messi grasped second objective of his side and a record balancing 12th of the contest, to place them on course of an ultimate 3-1 win over Manchester United at Wembley.

Pedro and David Villa acquired other objectives of Barcelona with first half equalizer, Wayne Rooney for United finally nothing over a consolation.

Messie was consequently called man-of-the-match for his on the whole show, but the 23 years old persisted that it was a victory built on group spirit instead of individual skill and that eventually the right team won.

Messi said, “To be the man-of-the-match is the least important thing, because it was incredible how we played. We were very good in all areas. We’re very happy to lift another trophy.”

messi barca“It was a difficult season but we showed who we are. We were the better team.”

Group mates of Messie paid tribute to the Argentine, with Xavi saying, “He is the number one, he makes the difference – he is just the best player in the world.”

The exciting of the trophy observed an emotional moment, as Carles Puyol, club captain postponed the armband to Eric Abidal, who just two months before had undergone a serious health shock that resulted in a tumor being taken away from his liver.

Dani Alves noted, “Even before all of this, we said our biggest victory, our most important trophy, was the recovery of Abi. We put on a spectacle for everyone who is passionate about football and who loves football.”

“And I think that people who really like football will be very happy today because they have seen a great match.”

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