Mets Would Go with Campaign Against Homosexual Bullying

MetsThe forthcoming combination of publicly homosexual soldiers into the U.S. military and the hard work for marriage parity have described a more and more openly civil rights fight.

However, baseball has as well weighed in with the San Francisco Giants recording a video this spring for the ‘It Gets Better Project,’ an organization made to stop suicides between excluded gay youth. Pitchers Barry Zito, Matt Cain and some teammates carry an anti-intimidating message.

The Red Sox, Cubs and Mariners as well prepare to make videos for It Gets Better, and there is an online petition inquiring the Mets to do similar.  Even though organizational sources speak that it is improbable the Mets will work with It Gets Better, they make preparation to address intimidating in a more common means.  A team official said, “We had already been looking around trying to find an organization to partner with on the bullying issue. We are interested in inclusiveness. If you target one specific subset, what about the other groups that are bullied?”

Talking broadly against intimidating is completely good; however, some famous Mets said they would be eager to come out in a video meant particularly at gay youth.  Jason Bay said, “Yeah, I would certainly do that.  I would be glad to.”

R.A. Dickey decided, speaking, “Sure I would.  That is an important cause.”

Sandy Alderson as well would assist addressing bullying between homosexuals, which has resulted in some high-profile suicides in current years.

The GM said, “It is not my decision, but I certainly would support it.  It is a worthy issue.”

Jose Reyes used time slipping and descending on a wet infield, at one point he demanded that a drying substance be utilized and said he did not recognize if the Braves grounds crew made those circumstances purposely.  Some of his colleagues were more cynical. One player said, “That was definitely done on purpose.”  “You think the infield is that wet if they had a big base stealer?”  Terry Collins said, Justin Turner has a sore right thumb, and will perhaps relax until Thursday.  Nick Evans cleared waiver and received an assignment to Triple A Buffalo…Tim Byrdak (death in family) will depart the team Wednesday and go back Thursday.


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