Mike Tyson in the International Boxing Hall of Fame Induction

Cus D’Amato and Mike TysonMike Tyson broke down in tears and interrupt his speech while Sylvester Stallone proclaimed “Yo, Adrian, I did it!” as the two stars from different fields were inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame on Sunday in Canastota, New York.

Julio Cesar Chavez, Mexican Champ, born in Russia junior welterweight Kostya Tszyu, Mecian trainer Ignacio (Nacho) Beristain and referee Joe Cortez as well were inducted.

Tyson attempted to give respect to the late trainer and guardian Cus D’Amato, but his eyes have a tears and he made an apology and walked away from the dais after just a minute or two.

Tyson said, “When I used to meet with Cus D’Amato we talked a little about money. But he wanted (me) to be a great fighter,” Tyson said while choking back tears. “I can’t finish this … Thank you.”

Desmond Howard, Michigan legend was at the ceremony.  Howard tweeted: “The reason I’m at the Boxing HOF is to support a man that I’ve known since I was in High School. Iron Mike Tyson.”

Tyson was the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history with the age of 20 whey ke KO’d Trevor Berbick in the second round for the WBC championship in 1986 and won his first 19 fights by knockout.  With are unbelievably rapid hands, roaring power and peek-a-boo defense, Tyson pounced on challengers with the ferocity of a starving tiger.  It was that rapid-hit KO ability that created him one of the most ring attractions ever and a big celebrity through the 1990s.

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  1. Does former WBA/IBF 130 pound champ Brian Mitchell deserve to be in the International Boxing Hall of Fame? He set a division record 12 defenses as WBA champ before capturing the IBF title, making all those defenses in the other guy’s hometown. Thanks

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