Monetizing the Blog, Guide for Beginners

This will be the final target of our blog if you manage to earn with it. There are lots of people already earning big bucks on their blogs, and many became millionaires. So can you, I will tell you here some points that I learned from the blogs that I hopped everynight learning some strategies, listing down what to do and studying it right after.

The first strategy to earn money with blogs is through Google AdSense. Many bloggers are already making big money with it, but first it requires a lot traffic. If your blog generates a good amount of visitors every day, week, or month then you are good to go with Google AdSense.

You just have to sign-up, let them check your blog and wait for approval. If you have the approval then you can experiment the ads and manage your blog where to put the ads.

Here are some details on how it works:


The CPM. This is means Cost per Mille, and Mille means Thousand(Latin) so it basically means Cost per Thousand.
If you are having 10,000 views a day no matter where they come from (search engines, referrals, direct) then you can try out the CPM. Advertisers pay you through thousand impressions on their ads from you blog. Or in other words, if somebody views your blog you are having a revenue.

You can also use the Search Ads plugin. This will display the ads to your visitors through search engines.

The CPC. This means Cost per Click.
If visitors click the Ads from your blog, then you will have a revenue from it but it depends on the Advertisers. This is good if mostly of your visitors come from search engines because they are likely to click the ads.

Here are some CPM advertising networks aside from Google AdSense.

Tribal Fusion
Burst Media
Casale Media
Technorati Media

Second is the Sponsorship, as what bloggers call it but we can also call this direct advertising. Notice on the right side of my posts, those 125×125 banner ads are for advertisers.
It is paid by time basis or it depends on how you manage your ad spaces. Example, an advertiser/sponsor would want to put their logo’s or banner there for a month, it is up to you on how much will you charge them. ($20/month, $35 for 2 months, $30 for 3 months) Discounts are also up to you.

Third is the Affiliate Marketing. Highest revenue of internet marketing comes from Affiliate marketing as what I have observed. This simply explains selling other people’s products and having a percentage of the total value.

You can join affiliate marketing networks like Clickbank and CommisionJunction. You just have to browse products that fits on your niche or related to your blog, write honest reviews, and use banners and links on your posts.

Last is the Marketing through Email.This is the most direct communication on the internet.
You just have to collect emails but do not spam them so you won’t get banned. After having a longlist of emails, contact each of them telling about the product, and each of the email should have different contents. This will show sincerity and honesty and in return, it will be good money.

However, making money from your blog is just impossible if your blog is not competitive enough. You have to make the content, design, cleanliness, and openess of your blog be the priority before experimenting with the monetization of your blog.

And this will take time so if you have patience, you will get what you deserve. Glory is not just one shot except if your luck works 🙂

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