NCAA Suspends 8 Miami Players

miami players suspendedThe NCAA ruled that eight Miami football players should sit out games and reimburse benefits in order to play for the Hurricanes once more.

Jacory Harris, starting quarterback and four other players should sit out one game and make refund.

Oliver Vernon will neglect six games and reimburse $1,200.  Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye will sit out four games.  Marcus Forston, Sean Spence, Adewale Ojomo and Travis Benjamin will sit out one game.

Shawn Eichorst, Miami athletic director said, “They understand that their actions demand consequences.”

The postponements are hugely the outcome of accusations created by previous booster Newvin Shapiro, who said he entertained players at his $6 million home, got them to dinners and handed out cash prizes at bowling tournaments.

Kevin Prince was selected over Richard Brehaut to be starting quarterback of UCLA in season opener on Saturday at Houston.  Joe Bauseman, fifth year senior obtained the nod to begin at quarterback for Ohio State in the Buckeyes’ opener versus Akron.  Eric LeGrand, Rutgers senior, who was paralyzed creating an attempt on a kickoff arrival Army on October 16, 2010, will work as an analyst on the radio network of the school.

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