NFL Finishes Lockout That May Cause Training Delays

NFL owners and players meetNFL players and owners keep on discussing, enforcing to finish a lockout that threatens to delay the beginning of training camps.

Owners will assemble in Atlanta Thursday, and twenty-four of the league’s 32 team leaders must approve the good dealing concord and the players also have to agree. But they failed to take a vote on Wednesday, while people familiar with the discussions informed the Associated Press those player representatives had given the agreement “conditional approval.”

The clock keeps on ticking down for Georgetown College officials. The Cincinnati Bengals are set to turn up on campus to kick off training camp a week from Friday. Officials at the college said last week they were certain a deal would get done but they need to know soon.

Dr. Todd Gambill said, “There will come a time when it just is not feasible. We can’t turn camp around in an hour. But where is that magic date when it becomes too late? We’ll have to continue to have conversations with the Bengals. What works for them, what works for us.”

Training camp means national experience for the small school and it too serves as a money maker. The school obtains a cut of parking receipts together with the agreement with the Bengals.

In order to have a final concord ready for ratification, league officials pointed out that both sides should work all the way through the night.

NFL general counsel Jeff Pash said, “It’s obviously a complicated agreement, but I think both sides are at the point where they can close, they should close, and we should be in a position to take votes.”

But players’ association president Kevin Mawae says the players are not attached to any type of deadline.

He said, “We want to go back to work, but we will not agree to a deal unless it’s the best deal for the players, the players are not tied to a July 21 timeline. Our timeline is that which gives us the best deal for the players – today, tomorrow or whatever it might be.”

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