Nikolai Khabibulin Accepts Jail Sentence

nikolai-khabibulin-story-iconNikolai Khabibulin was convicted in an Arizona court of extreme DUI and reckless driving and was sentenced to be in jail for 30 days.  He filed a petition to get a stay on his sentence, yet on July 27 he has chosen to drop his petition and serve his punishment.

 “According to a representative of Scottsdale City Court, he will spend 15 days in jail, with the other 15 days to be served at home with an electronic monitoring device.  Khabibulin must also enter an alcohol treatment program.

Khabibulin was arrested and charged in February of last year in Scottsdale.  Police say he was doing 70 miles/hr in a 40 miles/hr zone.  They went say that a breathalyzer showed he had at least twice the legal amount of alcohol in his system.”

Khabibulin issued a statement on the condition and The Sporting News’ Craig Custance shares the word from the former Stanley Cup winning goalie.

 “Over the past 6 months my appeal case has been pending with the Maricopa County Superior Court and, as of July 7, 2011, no Oral Argument date had been set.  The length of this process has placed my attendance at training camp in serious jeopardy.  Accordingly, despite assurance by legal counsel regarding the strength of my appeals case, I have decided to withdraw my appeal and proceed with sentencing by the Scottsdale Municipal Court.

 “I readily accept the lawful sentence which has been imposed by the Scottsdale Municipal Court, which includes jail, fines and substance abuse counseling.  I will fulfill all of my obligations required by Scottsdale and the State of Arizona in the coming month.  Once completed, I eagerly anticipate a timely return to Edmonton for training camp, where I will strive to be the best player, teammate and citizen possible.”

The sentence of Khabibulin probably would not have great result on the Edmonton Oilers as he will probably be in and out of prison before the training camp starts in September.  The Oilers by now have several choices in goal as it is with Devan Dubnyk on the increase and currently Yann Danis in the system also.  That’s a small result as Khabibulin’s conviction is making self-conscious for him and for the team also.

Khabibulin has two more years remaining on a four year, $15 million contract that the Oilers signed him to that as well doubles as a 35+ agreement meaning that his $3.75 million cap strike sticks around no matter what. If the Oilers are eager to let him go and try to get rid of him through any other ways than a trade, they will be stucked owing him that money against the cap in spite of what they do with him.  Expect that the Oilers and GM Steve Tambellini will stick by Khabibulin through this ordeal and obtain him back on the ice as long as he is well.

Celebrity or not, anyone who drinks heavily and more frequently needs to check into an alcohol recovery center before it’s too late.

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