No Commentator? Then be the Commentator

There are couples of strategy out there being introduced by pro’s on how to get commentators. Traffic as they bombared each and everyone is the first source of course of commentator. Yes no doubt about it, random people come and go to your blog, some gets hooked to your articles and comment, and some not. Just one comment from those random people that visited your blog is already a good sign. A sign or possibility that they will come back and put comments on your future posts or subscribe to your feeds. That’s a good news already specially for beginners like me knowing somebody showed a care by giving such effort to read and put comments to our articles.

Patience also work. This is already common to hear in the world of blogging. Just wait and eventually you’ll have a massive traffic that your are wishing for, OR! just wait, someday you will earn those people who will put comments on your articles regularly. But if you don’t have patience anymore and you are eager to see someone is already commenting to your articles then you have to do something.
Be the Commentator!
I say this is the best way to earn commentators. If you think something like this…”A good person returns the favor.” Got the point? If you give comments to other blogs, the chance of getting the favor back is 85%. See Alan Mater and Sire on my Top Commentators list? I earned their comments because I comment on their blogs. Try this strategy and you’ll see the progress and that’s for sure.
The 2 Way Process
“Give the favor – Return the favor.” When someone puts a comment to your blog, respond and then put a comment to his/her blog too, Simple!
Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

14 thoughts on “No Commentator? Then be the Commentator

  1. You’ve absolutely right on this one, JP. People ask me all the time how they get traffic to their blog, and I say go comment on some other blogs. It’s not a bad strategy, as you see by my commenting on your blog after you’ve commented on mine. 🙂
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Mailwasher =-.

  2. Hi Mitch,

    I discovered this myself Mitch after I started commenting Sire’s blog last week. I noticed he returns the favor, so that got me thinking why not reach out to other blogs. That’s why I also visited your blog, I saw it from Sire 😉

    Thanks for commenting Mitch! I appreciate it.


  3. This was the method I used when I first started my blog. I was commenting on around 15 different blogs per day and receiving around 20 comments in return. However, if you want long term success, this isn’t the correct method to use.

    Try and get more traffic, encourage people to comment by asking questions at the end of the article, even hold commenting contests. All of these will not only get you more comments, but will transfer in to long term success.

    The problem with commenting just for the return comment is that your commentators only come to comment. They won’t really be quality readers, and they may not even read the article. The sole purpose of them visiting the blog is to comment, when actually you should be wanting more than that from your readers.

    Still, yeah, if your blog is just starting out then it’s an awesome method 🙂
    .-= Simon | Teenius´s last blog ..57 Awesome Articles To Keep You Occupied Over Christmas! =-.

  4. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the tips that you mentioned. I’ll do that in the future when I get good amount of readers and have a good readership in my blog.

    For now, I’ll be doing this strategy since I just started blogging and starting to build up traffic and readership.

    Thanks for dropping by Simon. I appreciate it.


  5. That’s really the process I guess. As a beginner before I was constantly told to comment on as many blogs as I can just to get my blog out there to other bloggers. The hardest thing really is when just starting out. You have to really have patience and do all the sweat work in there.

  6. Hi Melvin,

    I agree, starting a blog and being a beginner really requires a lot of effort and sweat. Thanks for dropping by and commenting Melvin.

    I’m looking forward to your future comments in my blog 😉 haha

    Jp Manching

  7. Hi Elmot,

    I agree Elm. Patience don’t work if you will not work your ass up! Something needs to get done to be able to achieve something.

    Thanks for dropping by Elmot.

    JP manching

  8. Hi Alan,

    Yes! it’s amazing how I see the progress when I started commenting days ago. Commenting is now a part of my daily chore 😉

    Thanks for dropping by Alan.


  9. It’s really fun commenting on other blogs, sometimes I make new friends online and exchange links with them. Just like Simon from and Toan from

  10. Hi Ram,

    That’s a very nice thing you said, “the two way network”. A nice statement to describe blog commenting.

    Thanks Ram,

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