What are NoFollow/DoFollow Links? Explained for Beginners

There are two basic types of links and knowing the difference of each is a vital part of being a blogger as this has something to do with the link building process.

1.) NoFollow links – NoFollow links are not read by the Search Engines. This is done in the coding of the site and prevents the links from being followed (rel=”nofollow”). Some say this will stop the PR juice to leak which is being contradicted by other bloggers who says it’s not true. (You can read further details here.)

Comments and Spam. The reason why NoFollow links exists is that it cuts down the number of spammers on the site. Spammers put comments on your website or blog with their links within trying to earn backlinks and for the PR juice. If you link to these spam sites, you will also face the penalty that Google gives. Whether you lose PR or your site will not be indexed and that’s not a very nice thing, it’s like you are not existing at all.

2.) DoFollow links – Obviously opposite to DoFollow links (lol). DoFollow links let Spiders, bots and Search Engines automate part of the process. These links are the best in the link building process and everybody is crazy about it. People are most likely to click on DoFollow links and mostly DoFollowed links are good sites, legitimate, and contains more information.

Being Safe with DoFollow Links. Be careful when you link out using DoFollow links. Make sure the site that you are linking to is relevant to your site or maybe irrelevant but not a spam site.

How to Identify Links? Here’s a screenshot showing NoFollow and DoFollow links.

These highlighted links above are NoFollow.

These links above are DoFollow.

You can identify them using these toolbars that I recommend. You just have to click the circled ones so NoFollow links will be highlighted. Click picture for a closer look.

Just register to these sites and install the toolbars.



16 thoughts on “What are NoFollow/DoFollow Links? Explained for Beginners

  1. Thanks for commenting Arafat. I hope you will watch out on my next article which also focuses on DoFollow/NoFollow attribute.

  2. Thanks for the great article. I found myself getting caught up in the whole do follow/ no follow thing to the point where I stopped posting comments on blogs that did no follow even though I liked the article.

    If you think about content and you post quality comments, even if it is no follow or do follow, people do come to your site from your comment posts. So quality comments in a no-follow situation can create a quality relationship because people truly like what you’re about creating benefits such as links or Facebook friends, twitter followers etc. I guess I mean, if you put yourself out there regardless of what you get in return (follow or No follow), good things can still happen. People can still follow, even if so called link juice may not, and people are what we need to be successful, not link juice.

  3. Yes it’s true, even if it’s a nofollow link it doesn’t matter as long as you comment with full of sense and will allow everyone to interact with each other. Nofollowed links may not bring link juice but it is possible to bring a lot of traffic.

    Thanks for your comment.

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  5. Really good explanation. I do both dofollow and nofollow as long as the content is good and I can add something to the discussion by commenting. There’s an app called NoDoFollow by Zachary Fox for the Firefox browser, which lets you see between dofollow and nofollow.
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  6. Shouldn’t we all use dofollow links in the comments section of our blogs?

    Dofollow encourages and rewards comments. It encourages spam, too, but: Askimet and other anti-spam tools automate spam prevention, anyway.

    So let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water: let’s not throw away (or discourage) good comments in order to prevent spam.

  7. Your article is good enough to make out the difference between NoFollow and DoFollow links for beginners. It gives a good understanding about Nofollow and Dofollow. More, I would like to say that, you can check whether the link is Nofollow or Dofollow by installing an add-on “NoDofollow” and “Element Properties” for Firefox.

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