Organize your Twitter!

Time to organize Twitter! We don’t want to keep following those people who are not updating anymore or just spamming, and those people tweeting annoying things. With these tools, we can remove, choose and decide who to follow and unfollow.

Twitter Grader – Using a detailed 5 piece algorithm, Twitter Grader assigns every users you run through its system a grade from 1-100. This tool will let you know the activities of people you are following.

Twinfluence – Influence of Twitter users. This tool helps you to figure who you want to follow.

Tweetcloud – This will make a tag cloud of tweets and will tell you what kind of tweets people do.

Twitter Karma – This tool will sort out people that you follow and followers, and who’s not following you back.

Friend or Follow – Works like Twitter Karma but the difference is it can handle lot of tweeple.

Qwitter – This tool sends you an email whenever someone stops following you. It will even let you know what you tweeted that caused them to stop following you.

Nest.Unclutterer – Nest.Unclutterer will automatically block Twitter users who are following more than a certain number of people or who have been inactive for a certain number of days. It will also allow you to whitelist people and will be exempted.

Twitoria – Twitoria scans through your Twitter account and finds anyone who has been inactive for the past week, two weeks, month, two months, six months, or year.

Tweepler – Tweepler is a new follower management application that lets you make quick, one click decisions about whether to follow people back or not. This tool also gives helpful stats about new followers, such as average tweets per day.

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