OSU Head Coach Jim Tressel Gives Up Position

Jim Tressel, Ohio State coach, has resigned in the midst a scandal birthed by his failure to inform school officials of NCAA violations by players in his program.

A reliable source inside the team verified that Tressel told his coaching staff after the OSU Board of Trustees accepted his resignation in a special meeting.

In the previous night, OSU officials denied as some press conference were programmed or in the scheduling stages concerning football.

Tressel got emails from Chris Cicero, Columbus attorney in April of 2010 telling him that quarterback Terrelle Pryor and broad receiver Devier Posey were probably in infringement of NCAA rules for receiving more advantages from Columbus tattoo parlor proprietor Edward Rife.

OSU Head Coach Jim TresselTressel did not inform OSU or the NCAA concerning the content of those emails until the school moved toward him in January after finding out them in a search of his emails.

Tressel signed a Compliance form of NCAA in September confirming that he had informed school officials of all NCAA violations he was responsive to.
He misinformed its investigators second time in December when Pryor, Posey and three other players were suspended five games for the infringement Cicero featured in his emails to Tressel nine month prior.

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One thought on “OSU Head Coach Jim Tressel Gives Up Position

  1. Corruption Cup Overfloweth In Ohio

    As exposed in Sports Illustrated, OSU Coach Jim Tressel first claimed to be unaware of major NCAA violations in his program but then acknowledged that he had known about them. Now the Supreme Court of Ohio is going after the lawyer who “did the right thing” by warning Tressel about those violations.

    The Supreme Court of Ohio is going after that lawyer but the court refuses to fulfill its responsibility to investigate and disbar the Schottenstein, Zox, and Dunn (SZD) lawyer, Daniel R. Swetnam, who got caught with his clients, Worthington Christian Schools (WCS) and Grace Brethren Church (GBC), while committing serious crimes (a 10-year Conspiracy of Criminal Negligence, Deception Fraud, and Cover-Ups) against thousands of children and parents (including Ohio Governor John Kasich) in regard to several known repeat child molesters (two who were the Youth Directors for elementary-age children).
    For those facts, refer to the Columbus Dispatch newspaper series “THE ABCs OF BETRAYAL”, the web site http://www.ABCsOfBetrayal.com, and the web page “Cowardice Is Contagious” at http://www.ABCsOfBetrayal.com/Cowardice.htm.

    It is also outrageous that Columbus Ohio Prosecutor Robert S. Tobias refused to fulfill his responsibilities to prosecute the WCS and GBC administrators and their SZD attorney for those serious crimes. But then that very same prosecutor agreed to prosecute a parent (as requested by the SZD Law Firm) for simply asking two questions (the first as suggested by the Supreme Court of Ohio) about those crimes.

    There are other serious cases of government corruption such as that exposed in the Burzynski Documentary (www.BurzynskiMovie.com), which is now being distributed to the public by Whole Foods, Netflix, and other companies. That documentary reveals that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is evidently guilty of Crimes Against Humanity while FDA personnel worked (and spent $60 Million) in an effort to stifle Mr. Burzynski and to have him put in jail (similar to what the WCS/GBC attorney and the SZD Law Firm did to a parent for simply asking questions).

    There are also other cases of serious crimes committed by religious institutions (other than WCS and GBC harboring child molesters) such as those revealed in the CNN Documentary “What The Pope Knew.”, which is available on Youtube.com.

    What we need in Ohio (and in the entire country) are lawyers like Chris Cicero who are willing to “do the right thing” by warning the proper people when violations are being committed.
    What we DO NOT need are incompetent and corrupt government workers who refuse to do the jobs that we pay them to do, lawyers and law firms that use and abuse the court system in an effort to intimidate and manipulate victims, and private schools and churches that practice and teach-by-example dangerous hypocrisy. Nor does Ohio need a Governor who remains silent and refuses to “do the right thing” in regard to serious crimes committed against thousands of consumers and children (including his very own daughters). That politician also has a serious lack of courage.
    Refer to the web page “Cowardice Is Contagious” at http://www.ABCsOfBetrayal.com/Cowardice.htm.

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