Parishioners Speak about Kobe Bryant’s Alleged Church Tussle

kobe-photoSince San Diego police wants to interview Kobe Bryant concerning a minor dust-up at a church service Sunday.  According to some churchgoers, the basketball star ought to have a level of privacy when he is worshiping.

The police said that Bryant allegedly became worried that a young man was getting his picture. During a confrontation at the back of the church, Bryant might have grabbed the man’s phone, the police said.

The event happened at St. Therese of Carmel Church in the upscale neighborhood of Carmel Valley. Some parishioners informed Fox 5 San Diego that Bryant and his family ought to have privacy when they are in church.

One church member informed the station that “Churches are not the place for photos — outside perhaps, but not in church.”

One more member approved saying, “I don’t think they should take photos of people in church. I mean, it’s a private place.”

Bryant, seeing no pictures on the man’s phone, gave back the phone to the man and with some friends, left the church before the service was finished, according to the police.  The man, still nameless, afterwards went to a hospital with what is described as a minor wrist sprain.

A San Diego police spokesperson said, “We’re attempting to interview all the [participants].”

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