Paterno Gets Injured During Practice

joe-paternoJoe Paterno was in the hospital and is undergoing tests on his right arm and hip after a Penn State player ran into the 84-year-old coach during the practice last Sunday.

Paterno was admitted to Mount Nittany Medical Center in State College, Pa., after he walked off from the collision with a receiver, the school announced last Monday.  Devon Smith was running the drill when he blindsided the Hall of Fame coach.

Paterno said in a report, “I expect to be back at practice soon.  I’m doing fine; tell everyone not to worry about me.’’

The Penn State director of athletic medicine, Dr. Wayne Sebastianelli, said that surgery is not required.  According to the school, Paterno can be released Tuesday.

Doctors were appraising his shoulder and pelvis, and there was no firm analysis so far on the point of the injuries.

From the hospital, Paterno still conducted coaches meeting on Monday by phone.  Assistant coaches will be running practice while Paterno is absent and it was uncertain how long that would be, according Jeff Nelson, athletic department spokesperson.

Practices started again Monday as planned, with the team in full pads for the first time this summer.

Paterno, coming in his 46th season at Penn State, is the winning coach in the history of major college football with 401 victories.

Assumptions regarding when and if he will retire is a normal topic throughout Happy Valley, even though Paterno himself generally releases the topic.

The health of Paterno has been a common issue in current seasons.

He broke his leg in a sideline collision during a game at Wisconsin last 2006. A hip injury urged him to spend much of 2008 coaching from a set close the press box.

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