Paul Konerko Isn’t Shocked About Being Left Off by the AL All-Star

Paul KonerkoPaul Konerko is neither “surprised nor shocked” over being left off the initial American League All-Star roster.

Konerko, who was placed on the Final Vote ballot chosen by followers, said, “I’ve been around long enough to know how it goes. This is a tough process because you have the fan vote, the player vote, every team is going to be represented. When you really start to look at it, there are guys with some really good numbers out there that get left off, especially when it’s your own team it doesn’t make sense like a guy like Phil (Humber).”

“But when you crunch it all down, you can see how tough it is to get everybody in who’s done well. I’ve been down that road before. The way I look at it is, there have been a couple of teams I made where it was kind of a coin flip. Maybe there were guys that should have gone over me. There have been a few times where I should have probably been on the team looking at the numbers and didn’t make the team. It kind of goes either way, especially at first.”

Ron Washington, AL All-Star manager, recognized the logjam of gifted first basemen.

Washington informed reporters that, “He (Konerko) is very deserving of being on the All-Star team, but you can only select so many. There’s always going to be one that are left off.”

Konerko places third in the AL with 62 RBI, fourth with 21 home runs and fifth with a .317 batting average.  He did take note that the Sox are home whereas the Final Vote movement is being performed.

Konerko said, “Our front office and the PR department are becoming experts on this because we seem to have somebody on it every year. But I don’t know what the story is with the other guys. I know who’s on the list, but who has home games and who doesn’t? But it definitely helps if you have home games.”

“But I’m a little uncomfortable with that stuff because to me you do what you do between the lines. I’m not a guy to promote myself. I won’t sit there and say vote for me. If people want to vote and look at it and say I should go then vote for me. If you don’t and think it’s somebody else then go ahead. It kind of puts the player in a little of an uncomfortable spot because I’m not the kind of guy, and there are some out there that aren’t uncomfortable, but for me, if I’m good enough to go then I’m good enough to go, I guess.”

In spite of the result of the vote on Wednesday, Konerko prepares to head to his Scottsdale, Ariz., home following the final game of Sox of the first half on July 10.

Konerko said, “There’s a lot of planning and logistics that kind of wears you down a little bit, but it would be nice for people at home, family-wise and friend-wise, that I think it would be cool for them.  But whatever happens, I will deal with it either way.  I’ll be ready to go when we come out of the games after the break whether I play or I don’t play.  It’s nice if you go, but if you don’t you enjoy the days off.”

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