Phil Mickelson’s Remarkable Moment at the US Open

Phil Mickelson us openU.S. Phil Mickelson Open finished where it started, in the same body of water.

On his previous hole of the championship Sunday, Mickelson stood in a greenside dugout and opened a rainbow that splattered on the fly, several 15 feet further than the other side of the peninsula green.  Even the loving gallery that had applauded noisily throughout his walk up the fairway could not assist but give out a group snigger.

Following two ineffective drops on the sheer lakeside slope, he had to put the ball and chip back to the pin, where he created 6 footer for twice bogey to end an even-par round of 71 and a seven-over sum of 291.

Mickelson said “That bunker’s not an easy spot to be in today, and I hit a poor shot on top of it.”

When he begun on the close by par-three 10th hole and left his tee shot well short, the lake as well obtained opening shot of Mickelson in his first round.

Mickelson is turning into 69 on Friday and he said, “I just didn’t play how I’d hope.”

Mickelson walked past the placing green and spotted absconder leader Rory Mcllroy, who had so far to fee off was his just round under par on a course accessible for U.S. Open scores beneath the standard.

“I thought that the soft conditions obviously made it a little bit easier than everybody had hoped, but the setup was wonderful for the final round.”

Mickelson said, “Play well,” who afterward provided Mcllroy’s caddie an affirmation.

He added, “You could tell that Rory’s had this type of talent in him for some time now, and to see him putting it together is pretty neat to see.”

Jack Nicklaus, who like Mcllroy was 22 years old when he succeeded his first major, had a comparable reaction: Nicklaus said in an NBC interview “I think this kid’s going to have a great career.  His rhythm is so beautiful, his tempo, it just stays the same all the time. He doesn’t try to kill it, doesn’t try to do anything unusual with the golf ball.”

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