Players Aren’t Pleased with the Owners’ Latest Cap Idea

David Stern, NBA CommissionerDavid Stern, NBA Commissioner exposed that owners have moved off their persistence on a tough salary cap saying it reflects a “desire to go as far as we can to avoid a lockout.” But players do not see it that way.

Therefore, it shows the cap system stays as the largest obstruction to a latest collective bargaining contract prior to the June 30 deadline.

The league has planned a “flex cap” in which teams would aim a uniform dollar amount to use, but would be allowed to go beyond up to an undetermined stage.  Players disagree it’s still a hard cap, for the reason that the ceiling ultimately would get hold, Stern said.

According to Stern the average player salary would be around $5 million and deputy commissioner Adam Silver said the objective would an ultimate50-50 split of basketball incomes.  The players presently are guaranteed 57%.

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