Problems of Kevin Durant in Clutch Continue to Grow

Back-to-back NBA scoring winner Kevin Durant’s fights in the clutch went on when his possible game-winning 3 pointer was stuffed by Dallas Mavericks forward Shawn Marion.

According to ESPN Stats and Information, the miss with 1.9 seconds remaining in regulation had Durant fall to 2 of 14 this season on possible game-winning or tying shots in the last 10 seconds. That consists of two misses in the playoffs for the 22-year-old superstar of Oklahoma Thunder.

This miss permitted the Mavericks to win Game 4 of the Western Conference finals in overtime and get a 3-1 lead in the series.  Mavericks removed a 15-point deficit with 17-2 run in the last five minutes of regulation.

Problems of the young Thunder in performing their halfcourt offense in pressure status gets several responsibilities for poor shooting percentage of Durant with the game on the line.  So in that situation, Durant resolved for a 30-footer after the Thunder inbounded the ball with 6.4 seconds remaining in the same score game.

Durant said, “I didn’t have anything else to do.  I caught the ball almost at the halfcourt line, seen three Mavericks in front of me and had three seconds on the clock. I didn’t know what else to do.”

Kevin Durant“That last one wasn’t well-executed, but they did a good job pushing us out and taking us off the spot. We have to be stronger. We have to be able to push back without getting the foul,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks added.

It was portion of an exasperating night for Durant, who came out primed for a classic presentation after going 5 of 5 from the floor for 10 points in the first 4:06.  However Durant, who was twice constantly and always guarded close by Marion, created only four of his final 17 field goal tries and committed nine turnovers.

Durant, scored with 29 points did not have points after his 3-pointer prolonged the lead of Thunder to 15 points with 5:06 remaining in regulation.

The Thunder had a score of just 6 points in the last 10:06, counting overtime.  Durant neglected his last six shots, counting the possible game-winner.

Marion said of the play at the end of regulation, “He had no time.  How much did he have, two seconds?  He had nowhere to go.”

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