Randy Moss Files Formal Retirement from NFL

randy-moss-titans2Wide receiver Randy Moss formally retired from the game after 13 seasons in the National Football League (NFL).

The 34-year-old wide receiver decided to turn down offers from several teams before making his decision.

Segal said, “Randy has weighed his options and considered the offers and has decided to retire.”

Moss is tied with WR Terrell Owens for the second most career touchdowns in the league with 153.  His 14,858 yards place him at fifth in the league and he is tied for eighth in receptions with 954.

With such impressive career statistics, some have speculated about reasons why Moss confirmed his retirement.   One reason could be the New York Jets signing Plaxico Burres on Sunday, which was reported to be Moss’ next desired destination.

Segal confirmed that Moss was not able to join a team that he desired to play for.

Segal said, “He’s such a competitor and wanted to go back. However, he wanted to go back in certain places.  He wanted to be on a championship team in his mind.”

Moss played for three teams in his last season.  New England traded the wide receiver to Minnesota, who after that turned him loose to Tennessee where he performed at a career low.  Moss’ Marshall University coach, Bob Pruitt said he agrees of his former player’s choice.

Pruett reported that “Randy has been a great player for a long time.  He’s choosing this on his own terms and I think that’s good. If that’s what he wants to do, that’s what he should do.”

The former teammate of Moss and specialist of ESPN, Robert Smith, said he does not believe Moss is hanging up his football jersey for good.

Smith said, Moss’ teammate on the Vikings from 1998-2000, “He’s as talented a guy as I’ve ever seen play the game. He’s a guy with some pride, and more than anything else in the past few years he’s thinking about his legacy,” said Smith, Moss’ teammate on the Vikings from 1998-2000. “Without a Super Bowl, I think he can’t help but look at his resume and say that it was a disappointment. I would be completely surprised if he was actually retired.”

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