Removing NoFollow Attribute Results to Traffic Increase

It’s just what I think (lol). I don’t see any proofs yet that removing this attribue which is the rel=”nofollow” would increase traffic. All I know is that we use this to prevent search engines in reading links with this attribute OR preventing PR juice to leak as what we discussed in my previous post.

Why do bloggers use NoFollow attribute in comments? Main reason is – not to be flooded with spam comments but how about akismet that blocks spam comments? Or maybe tweak the settings so you just have to moderate them before approving. In my opinion, there is no point in using NoFollow attribute in comments.

But it doesn’t really matter for me if you use DoFollow or NoFollow attribute. Both are fine to use as what I see. The only problem when it comes to this is that some bloggers doesn’t know how to handle it carefully and safely not knowing that Google is always on the look dealing the punishments.

PR Juice Leak.
With regards to PR juice leak by linking out (DoFollow), I don’t believe it will suck up our PR and will be transfered to them. It will remain constant as long as Google sees that our blogs or sites are safe, linking to relevant sites, AND! not linking to spammy sites. If we link to spammy sites, we are also treated as spammy by Google. PR’s counts the quality of the link coming in and leaks. (Read this article – Linking out Won’t Reduce Your PageRank)

So what do you think about using the DoFollow attribute?
Will Google punish our blogs or websites if we use this attribute?

11 thoughts on “Removing NoFollow Attribute Results to Traffic Increase

  1. Hey JP,

    I gladly accept “do follow” comments on my blog. There’s no penalty for doing so, and I don’t lose PR or rankings because of it. You’re right that many use “nofollow” because they hate spam and don’t want to link out to the spammer’s websites. That’s fine, but as you said you can moderate the comments, and Akismet does a great job in filtering them out.
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  2. Alan,

    Yes, they are kept controlled by every blogger so if you allow spammers on your blog or website and link out to them it’s your fault already and you deserve a penalty for doing that.

    Thanks for commenting Alan.

  3. >> Tom,

    Yes Tom, as a part of SEO, you can still get backlinks from a DoFollow comments. That’s why bloggers keep commenting every time. I hope you’ll stick around and comment more.

    I’ll be exchanging comments with your blog 🙂

    >> Agent,

    It doesn’t matter at all. Comments are not because of the reason that a blog is a DoFollow or NoFollow, as long as they they think that the topic is interesting and they want interact which other (readers). There are popular NoFollow (comments) blogs yet they are getting bulks of comments.

    Thanks Agent.

    >> Alan,

    I was wondering why some of these blogs flooded with spam yet they still rank high.

  4. Hi Gabe,

    Yes, spammers will seek ways to increase their backlinks and the best backlinks are DoFollow that’s why they are swarming everywhere. But do not let them flood your blog, just keep on blocking them. There is also akismet.

    Thanks Gabe

  5. ya removing nofollow attribute is effective to increase traffic and is another way of rewarding our commentors or Readers.
    I have removed this nofollow attribute a 10days ago.

  6. As long as you keep up with blocking the spammers and those which are deceptive with their blog commenting, your blog will be a-okay 🙂

    NoFollow is certainly a great way to bring in more commenters, it gives them the extra “oomf” to write something afterwards – keeping the conversation alive.
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  7. I agree to your idea, it’s just a matter of chaining conversations and building relationship at the same time.

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