Report Says Joe Thomas Signs Contract with Browns

Thomas-260x300According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, left tackle Joe Thomas has signed a seven-year, $84 million contract with the Browns.

The contract includes $44 million in certain money. Thomas had been put to enter the last year of his five-year $42.5 million rookie contract.

Thomas had a few rough outings last season, but is extensively believed one of the game’s top blind-side guardians.

The 28-year-old has created the Pro Bowl all four seasons since being a first-round plan pick.

Thomas informed the Akron Beacon Journal before the statement of his latest deal façade, “I’ve always loved playing for the Browns, and I love the fans. I love the city. I really see myself as a big member of the organization, and I really enjoy that. So certainly would like to stay here. But you never know what’s gonna happen in the NFL. It’s a crazy league and anything could happen.”

General manager Tom Heckert had said his focus was on employing the team’s stated $24 million in cap space on keeping young talent instead of splurging in free agency.

Thomas said, who is set to create a base salary of $8 million this year, “That’s something that I’m sure we’ll look at down the line, but we’re not really too worried about that as of right now, I think my focus is just trying to learn the [West Coast] offense first and trying to help this team win some games. I think along with those [goals], the contract stuff takes care of itself. I’m sure at the end of the season or toward the end, there may be discussions. But right now, first things first. We’ll try to hit the ground running here in the first game.”

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