Report: Serena Williams Will be Back in Tennis

Serena Williams Will be Back in TennisAccording to the news report on New York Times, it was stated that Serena Williams will go back to tennis the week prior to Wimbledon after being sidelined about a year with injuries.

Serena Williams, who has 13 Grand Slam singles titles and was ranked as No. 1 through out the world until last October, will go back for a grass-court tournament in Eastbourne, England, this coming June 13 and after that look to protect her Wimbledon title beginning June 20, according the report on the newspaper.

Operations of her two foot and treatment for a blood clot in her lung have disallowed the American from playing a tournament since Wimbledon previous year.  Concerning the website of Williams there was no information of a return.

3 thoughts on “Report: Serena Williams Will be Back in Tennis

  1. Yeah i completely agree with you.Because Wimbledon is the only tournament to seed players outside without full respect to the WTA rankings, organizers will have an interesting decision to make in regards to Serena’s seeding.Thanks for interesting post.

  2. Why would that be good for tennis? Who cares, there are plenty of wonderful tennis players in the world……………………..

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