Ron Artest of Lakers Want to Change His Name

Ron ArtestLos Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest desires to change his name to Metta World Peace.

The lawyer of Artest filed an appeal in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday looking the change.  The NBA star that is 31 years old was born as Ronald William Artest Jr.

Artest mentions personal reasons for desiring to create the change in the court documents.

August 26 was set as the court date to consider the appeal.  The appeal filing was first reported by celebrity website TMZ.

Artest assisted the Lakers succeed the NBA championship a year ago and in April he achieved a reward for outstanding service and devotion to the public.

He has given evidence prior to Congress to sustain mental health legislation.

However, Artest perhaps best recognized for activating the most disreputable fight in NBA history when he jumped into the stands and assaulted a follower while playing for the Indiana Pacers in November 2004.  He was floating for the rest of that season.

To build a change to a strange name, Artest would not be the first NBA player.

Lloyd Bernard Free, who played in the league from 1975-88, has his first name officially changed to World in 1981.  A friend had provided him the nickname for the reason of his 44-inch or 1 meter vertical leaps and 360 degree dunks.

Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals star officially changed his previous name to Ochocinco in August 2008 in the NFL.  In Spanish the name means “eight five.”

2 thoughts on “Ron Artest of Lakers Want to Change His Name

  1. The buzz surrounding Ron Artest’s request to change his name to Metta World Peace has caught on so quickly within the past week that Ron Ron’s noticed fans addressing him by his new name at the airport.Thanks

  2. He should consider Pax Orbis (latin for world peace). It sounds like a name. It’s not derivative (of World B Free) and announcers might actually use it without cringing.Thanks for sharing nice post.

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