Ryan Callahan Signs $12.8M Contract with Rangers

bildeRyan Callahan avoided the NHL’s normally unpleasant arbitration proc and process obtained a heavy raise.

Callahan, the life-long resident of Greece, agreed to terms on a three-year, $12.825 million contract with the New York Rangers on Wednesday.

His arbitration case was scheduled on July 28 in Toronto.

Steve Bartlett, Callahan’s agent of Pittsford-based Sports Consulting Group said, “Going to arbitration isn’t something anyone in their right mind sits and drools over with anticipation.  I don’t mind matching wits with the other side. It’s like debate club.”

He added, “But the price that’s paid is often on the player in hearing things (from the team) that might scar him a lot more than they would scar me.”

Callahan received $2.4 million this past season, when he achieved 23 goals, 25 assists and 48 points in 60 games.  The veteran correct winger was the Ranger’ second-leading scorer, in spite of neglecting 22 games for the reason of a broken ankle, and as well wore the “A” as an alternate captain.

He will be paid $4 million for this season and next, and $4.825 million in 2013-14.

Bartlett said the Rangers asked for a five-year agreement, although the sides could not concur on a salary for the last two years. He will currently turn into an unlimited free agent when his new contract expires.

Bartlett said, “We were hoping to do a longer-term deal,” but we couldn’t obtain the money to acquire him out of those possible unlimited free agent years.

He added, “I think Ryan’s a rising star within the market so the money had to be right.”

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