Samsung Continuum Phone

Here’s what i got while browsing. Samsung Continuum, an amazing gadget.

I’m emphasizing the 2 screens of Samsung Continuum. Its the latest Android running mobile phone of Samsung. And it runs with 2! Yes! 2 separate screens, on front!

Screen 1 > a 3.4 inch touch-screen super AMOLED main display.

Screen 2 > a 1.8 inch customizable super AMOLED dedicated ticker display screen which updates information in real-time. This mini-screen displays upto date & real time news on sports, finance, news and social networking updates.

Running at a power and speed of 1Ghz Hummingbird Application Processor, by Android 2.1 . It has 5MP Camera and 720p HD Cam corder. ┬áDetects 3g signals and has a “preinstalled” 8G microSD card expandable upto 8G

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