FIFA Re-election of Sepp Blatter

President Sepp Blatter assured to provide extra power to the 208 national federations at the cost of the limited executive committee if congress of FIFA on Wednesday re-elects him.

There still a small hesitation that the Swiss executive would acquire a fourth and final four-year term following call of England for a delay of the election among corruption scandals of football was devastatingly refused.

Blatter would work to ensure the World Cup would in the upcoming be picked in a vote by the entire federations rather than the 24 executive committee members, some of them have been involved in bribery scandals, according to the statement of the remaining candidate, Blatter.

Blatter has only one contender, and that is Mohamed bin Hammam, executive committee member, who withdrew over the weekend prior to being suspended on bribery accusations. 

Blatter informed his Congress that the most horrible scandal in the history of the body could be solved in FIFA itself with him in charge.

David Bernstein, FA chairman of England had called for a suspension of the election for some months to let for the corruption scandals to be clarified, saying that “a coronation without an opponent provides a flawed mandate.”

Re-election of Sepp BlatterBlatter said of the condemnation and allegations facing FIFA and him, “We have been hit and I personally have been slapped. I don’t want that ever again.”

He promised a further self-governing point of view with more power flooding down the institutional pyramid to the national federation themselves. The choice of the World Cup is a very important subject since it is by far most significant source of income of FIFA.

He said, “We must stop once and for all, all these ugly criticisms, allegations, insinuations of cheating left, right and center.”

“The FIFA ship is in troubled waters but this ship must be brought back on the right track.  I am the captain of the ship,” according the the opening address of Blatter.

He said, “It is therefore my duty and responsibility to see to it that we get back on track.”

Jack Warner, FIFA vice president and Bin Hammam were suspended until the ending of a search into allegations that Caribbean football leaders were paid $40,000 each to back presidential bid of Bin Hammam.

Germany, a founding member of FIFA, called for an assessment of the December vote that provided Qatar the 2022 World Cup in order to inspect bribery accusations.

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