Shaquille O’Neal Tweets About His Plans for Retiring

He was a productive producer of rebounds and record albums.  He was terribly big for the plain “Shaq” with 7-foot-1 and 350 pounds that created him a right away identifiable, one-name star in the entire of his activities.

Shaquille O’Neal had over 28,000 points and around 4 million Twitter followers. He became three times as the Most Valuable Player and played in six NBA Finals.

O’Neal, 39 years old, publicized his retirement on Twitter on Wednesday after using most of his 19th season on the Celtics bench, in street clothes for the reason of his leg injuries.

In a mid-afternoon tweet, O’Neal said, “im retiring,” and attached a link to a 16-second video saying, “We did it; 19 years, baby, Thank you very much.  That’s why I’m telling you first: I’m about to retire.  Love you.”

The latest team of O’Neal was left surprised with plans because he did not inform them.  This season he played only 37 games, the first of a two year agreement at the minimum salary of veteran, creating three brief appearances after Feb. 1.

Shaquille O'Neal retirement tweetCommissioner David Stern said, “He’s a giant.  In the game, he imposed his will… for quite a long time.  It’s been a great run, and we’re going to miss him greatly.”

O’Neal retires fifth all-time with 28,596 points, 12th with 13,099 rebounds, and a 58.2 field-goal percentage that is just second to Artis Gilmore among players with 2,000 baskets.

Next season, Ricky Rubio, Spanish point guard has decided to unite the Timberwolves, ending a two-year compromise with Minnesota.  A person with information of the deal verified that Rubio, whom the Wolves drafted fifth in general two years ago, will play in the NBA next season.  The Rockets verified Kevin McHale will change Rick Adelman as head coach.   Jay Triano would not go back as head coach, the Raptors said.  Mike Miller, Heat guard said he will prepare for Game 2 of the Finals less than 24 after leaving the arena with his left arm in a sling.

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  1. Well, I guess it was expected. I thought he should’ve maybe thought about retiring a few years ago itself, but the love of the game keeps any sportsman playing for as long as he can.

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