Simple Blog Promotion to Increase Traffic for Beginners

After writing your best article, you can’t just leave it alone and wait for visitors or readers to read because this is just impossible if they doesn’t know your blog. This is why you should promote your blog or articles. This is not hard at all but it depends on how you deal with it so visitors will go or click your promotion.

These are few of the ways that will help you promote:

Commenting to other blogs. Putting comments on blogs helps promotion by putting relevant comments that will attract other readers of the blog. When you comment on blogs, you can use your name, domain, or keyword/s that your are using on the article that you are promoting.

You can also link to other blogs that you think might be useful to your readers but first you have to ask the author of the blog that you are linking to. Or you can do the link exchange, link to other blog as that blog links to you too, but I think it is allowed to link to other blogs without permission as long as you don’t violate Google.

By doing this, you can use anchor text (the underlined word will link to other blog)

or by using widgets. It is widely known as “Blogroll” or you can change this to any word that you like. Ex. “Important Reads”, or “Recommended Blogs”.

Using social bookmarking sites. This is also a great way of dragging visitors on your blog by sharing your bookmarks on the web. If you get displayed on the front page you can expect thousand of readers.

These are the most popular bookmarking sites:

But before promoting your articles with these sites, you have to abide the rules and regulations.

You can also promote through social networking sites. Interacting with your friends online makes the promotion easy. You can make groups and send them messages about your blog, with this you can get direct traffic.

The most popular social networking site being used by people is Twitter. The more followers you have the higher the chance of getting huge traffic.

Another is Facebook. Works like Twitter but Facebook is more flexible. Pictures, videos and other media can be used to attract more visitors.


As I understand traffic, it simply means the amount of visitors. Getting a lot of traffic on your blog is the second most essential thing that you should be doing after setting up, the first of course is your unique content. This is not easy at all but there are lots of tools that you can use to earn traffic but it depends on how you use them and handle. If you have a huge traffic on your site, this means big bucks too but I will share my knowledge about this in my updates.

These are just few of the tools that you can use to earn huge traffic on your site.

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