Simple Strategies to Increase Traffic for Beginners

A.) Try exchanging links to other blogs with the same niche or the same subject. Aside from links, banners and other media can also be traded to other blog because this is more noticeable than links or anchor text. The more the noticeable, the more it draws visitors and traffic.

B.) Create discussions on your blog, make issues that can help everybody and will get everybody’s attention. Having a chat room is also a great deal because this will let viewers interact with each other.

C.) Submit articles to e-zines and other websites that are open for article submission. With your written article, you can include your website, contact information and anchor text with your choice of keyword.

D.) Join discussions on forums, message boards or try to reply comments on other blogs. Try to help and inform everyone with your expertise and skills and at the end of your posts, you can include a signature or a link to your site.

E.) If you are really into writing articles or e-books, try sharing it for free to your visitors and let them share it away. If your readers refer your book to others, it is an additional exposure for your ads and links.

Thanks to Alan Mater from who gave and taught me these ideas, check his blog so he can help you as well.

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