Simple Tips on Designing a Blog for Beginners

We have gone so far about the basics of blogging, we also want to be presentable. Not for ourselves as a blogger but as for everyone who reads updates and posts over time. We are going to talk about the design  of how a blogsite should look like and why.

We design our blog, beautify, make it accessible because of the reason that we want visitors to be comfortable when being around our blog. We don’t have to worry if we think that we are not artistic to do such things. Even on design and structure, there are people gives free option for us to choose and use.

First, the themes. There lot of themes over the web. I know a few and these are very good options for everyone.
If you use as a platform you can go to There are lots of designs for free, there are also designs that are copied from wordpress.
But if you use wordpress as your platform, there are hundreds of it. Some of it are free and some you have to buy. If you buy themes, you will never regret buying it because you can get what you are paying for. The best design of themes are for sale but the average designs of themes are free, but there are also free amazing design only if you go through the sight and see every page.

You can choose designs on these sites:






You can also maneuver these themes if you go through with it, you just have to learn first some HTML and CSS.

And for the widgets. These are the gadgets that you we use in our blog. It is usually located at the sides of our posts either right or left, but it can be also on our posts. We can get these widgets from wordpress and we can install themes.

Some of the popular widgets used by bloggers are:
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Now, if you don’t know how to install and modify your theme and the structure of you blog site, you can consult forums and seek for help.

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