Spanish Media Give Credits to Barcelona After Winning Against Manchester

After exciting 3-1 defeat of Manchester United in the Champions League final, the Spanish media admired Barcelona to the skies.

It was just to be anticipated that the Catalan papers and radio stations would be abundant in their admiration of talented team of Pep Guardiola.

However, Barca was so exciting at Wembley that the Madrid media in fact had small option but to receive their pre-eminence.

Alfredo Relano, as editor explained style of Barca as “a tide which rises and rises, imperceptible but inexorable, until it knocks over the sand castle which was build with time and hope, leaving no trace of it behind.”

Marca distinguished Xavi and Lionel Messie for special praise, remarking that ‘Xavi was “the royal leader” and Messie, “the element of surprise and invention in attack.”

barcelona vs manchester united 2011The fourth Champions success of Barca was a front-page in every newspaper in Spanish on Sunday, shoving onto the sidelines the disaster of the ruling socialist party and the continuing street protests concerning corruption in the political system.

“A Wonderful Barca Conquers Its Fourth Champions,” while El Pais titled “Barca Touches Heaven At Wembley,” according to El Mundo.

“The Greatest Ever”, La Vanguardia alleged “They are A Legend” and Sports brought the heading “The Best in History,” the headline of El Periodico.

The Catalan papers were unanimous in the admiration of Carles Puyol for providing the armband of captain to Eric Abidal and permitting the French veteran to get the cup.  In March Abidal was operated on for a cancerous tumor on his liver, and it was concerned that he would never play again.

The merely unpleasant note given by the Catalan papers concerned the reality that 89 people were injured throughout the commemoration in Barcelona, with 15 of them having to be hospitalized.

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